The concept “Design & Repair” arrives in the USA

“Design & Repair” is a concept that was first originated as an R&D project after ADM Tech obtained its Part 145-C approval. The heads of the different departments: DOA, POA, Part-145 and Quality, along with a market analysis made by the Commercial Management and the General Management, decided to integrate the concepts of all the departments in order to launch a new product: “Design & Repair”.

It consists on utilizing the design and manufacturing technologies, and applying them on the 145-C repair centre. Its goal is to develop repairs currently unavailable to the customers. Some examples of Design & Repair are the ATR Air Intake or the Bombardier CRJ900/1000 Chimney assy.

With our Part-145 C approval, we provide post-sales service concerning the products and systems we manufacture, as well as increase the value of our repair centre by combining efforts with the DOA and POA departments.

This concept allows us to complete the cycle: Design-Manufacture-Repair.

“Design & Repair” was first introduced in 2018, offering repairs of components not available up until that date, due to the lack of technical information provided by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), wining contracts in Spain and Europe.

A collaboration with ATAVIS increases both companies’ opportunities of wining international contracts. Due to this collaborative efforts, we achieved the first contract with a USA client. It consists on the research and repair of the flight control by identifying and measuring, with a 3D Scanner, the deviations of the system.

ADM Tech offers repairs that cover every product it develops. In addition, we are collaborating with numerous manufacturers in several projects to become the official repair centre for all components we integrate in our designs.