Design Organisations in Europe are ruled under Annex I (Parte 21) of regulation (EU) Nº 748/2012 of the European Commission. EASA is in charge of surveillance of the approved designed organisations regarding compliance with what is stated on this part and each organisation has a design assurance system for the control and supervision of the design changes.

ADM Tech achieved the approval as Design Organisation (EASA DOA 21J.457) on January 2011. This approval allows it to perform minor changes to type certificate classified and approve them by their own. ADM Techs’ DOA has the scope to design and approve minor changes to cabin interiors and associated systems and installation of avionics equipment, galleys and other interior equipment and secondary structure and related electrical systems. This scope also includes:

  • Continuous customer support, including the emission of Service Bulletins.
  • Emission of variations to the instructions of continuous airworthiness (ICAs).
  • Approval of revisions of the Aircraft Flight Manual classified as minor.

The kind of projects that our design department can handle are the following:

  • Complete cabin interior refurbishments: passenger seats (covers, foam, fairings), carpets, curtains, wall paper).
  • Reinforcement of secondary structure.
  • Technical lettering (placards, signs, emergency light covers).
  • Emergency equipment installation.