ADM Tech achieved the approval as Maintenance Organisation (ES.145.255) on August 2017, including a capability list of more than 200 components; and certified in specialized services of non-destructive test (penetrant liquids, eddy current and ultrasonic methods) for aircraft and components.

Due to more than 20 years of previous experience in Binter, ADM Tech has positioned itself as a reference company for national and international customers in:

  • Component repair of different systems, such as:
    • Avionics, pneumatics, oxygen…
  • Metallic and composite structural repair, such as:
    • Flight controls (flaps, ailerons, rudder)
    • Access doors (cargo, passage and emergency)
    • Leading edges
  • Cosmetic repairs, such as:
    • Cockpit panels
    • Lateral panels

Milestones in ADM Tech repairs

Starter Generators:

On June 2018, ADM Tech achieved the approval for the overhaul of ATR 42/72 starter generators.

Part 145 Repair+DOA Repair:

ADM Tech has joined its Part 145 & DOA approvals to provide approved repair procedures on serialized, and not serialized parts. This new concept makes it possible repair parts in which maintenance data are not available, ADM Tech create approved repair procedures iaw EASA regulation to repair them on its facility.