First european company to certify an A/C modification in Morocco

ADM Tech recently signed a contract with Royal Air Maroc (RAM). It consists in developing an aircraft modification to reinforce the cargo compartment floors of their ATR fleet.

ADM Tech is the first European company, thanks to this new contract, to certify an aircraft modification in Morocco, except for aircraft manufacturers or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

After a successful first installation of the reinforcement floor panels, RAM requested us to work in two more projects. The first one consists in reinforcing the service doors of their ATR 72-600, provide fire proof curtains and develope alternative folding steps.  The second project concerns their BOEING fleet, and its objective is to reinforce the cargo compartment floors on these models.

RAM possess a total of five ATR 72-600 aircrafts, to which we have design a custom solution for the cargo compartment floors. This modifications have received the proper EASA approval, both in design and manufacture, which are carried out by ADM Tech. Along with the panels and other elements, we manufacture and provide the kits necessary to install the modification.

After receiving the approval of the moroccan authorities, a work team was dispatched to the neighbor country in order to perform the first installation on one of the planes of the Royal Air Maroc.

We have been negotiating this contract for two years, and its duration is of another two. It includes the training of their personnel in their facilities and providing technical assistance throughout the modification process.